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Heat Stress

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Manual Handling

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Welcome to your gateway to online training!

i-Portal is a Western Australian based service that is your gateway to accredited and awareness courses that meet the need of business and industry in Australia today. We are always improving and expanding our list of available training courses and strive to keep up with the ever changing environment.

Our online training courses have been carefully selected to ensure you receive the highest quality training available. The i-Portal training courses encompass the latest 3D animations and multimedia enhancements; the courses are interactive and include audio and video together with digital imagery to enhance the trainee’s learning experience. Put simply, you will actually enjoy this training! That’s important to us.

Featured Courses

Maritime Security Awareness

Developed by security experts who have been at the forefront of the implementation of the ISPS code in Australia and endorsed and approved by AMSA, this course is arguably the best online Maritime Security Awareness training in Australia.

Heat Stress

Heat stress is a serious hazard for anybody working in warm or hot climates. Understanding how our body is affected by excess heat is important when working in hot environments to allow us to manage and recognize signs of heat stress.

Fire Safety Awareness

The online fire training course has been developed to cover the criteria that are outlined in Australian accredited units Identify fire protection equipment and Use portable firefighting equipment. It also has been developed to follow Australian standards that are based around fire safety.

Work Safely in the Construction Industry (White Card)

Developed by the Civil Contractors Federation WA, the course allows companies and individuals the ability to complete their white card training anytime, anywhere, 24/7.

Travel Risk Management

You will learn the "Triple A" philosophy for underpinning your personal security. Learn how to become Aware of your surroundings, Anticipate the worst and Avoid potential threats, whatever they may be.

Manual Handling

Based on the Manual handling code of practice WA this online course provides the knowledge and understanding required to help reduce and prevent injuries occurring while carrying out tasks.

What is Accredited Training?

A VET accredited course has been assessed by ASQA as compliant with the Standards for VET Accredited Courses 2012 and the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).

Accreditation is formal confirmation that the course:

  • Is nationally recognised
  • Meets an established industry, enterprise, educational, legislative or community need
  • Provides appropriate competency outcomes and a satisfactory basis for assessment
  • Meets national quality assurance requirements
  • Is aligned appropriately to the AQF where it leads to a qualification.

What is Awareness Training?

Awareness training is vocational or industry training designed to achieve a training outcome however not assessed or accredited by ASQA.

Industry Facts

During work or exercise in hot environments your body can sweat up to 1.5 litres in 1 hour.

Noise induced hearing loss is the #1 occupational disease work wide.

Each year in Australia, fire causes about 100 fatalities.

You are required by law to have completed a General Construction Induction course before undertaking most construction like work in NSW, WA, VIC, SA or QLD.

Hearing loss affects people of all ages and once the damage is done it will not come back.

Each year in Australia, fire causes about 3000 injuries.

Between 55,000 and 65,000 years ago there is archaeological evidence that suggests aboriginal people had colonized parts of Australia.

Dehydration and carbohydrate depletion are the major cause of fatigue.


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